A Haunted Trip in the UK

Haunted Trip in the UK

Will you be visiting the UK soon with your friends? Well, it is one of top holiday destinations of the world and its scenic beauty along with the wonderful juxtaposition of the old world charm and all things modern that UK offers is simply amazing. However, if you want a vacation with a difference then visit some of the haunted places of UK. It will be extremely exciting.

One of the haunted places that you must visit during your stay in the UK is the Highgate Cemetery in London. This Victorian necropolis with its gothic architecture is eerie enough but according to rumors since the 1960s, dark figures with red hypnotic eyes have been scaring visitors. According to some beliefs, these figures are actually vampires. You should also visit Borley Rectory in Essex. Though it was demolished in 1944, it is still a favorite with supernatural enthusiasts. Other places include the Pendle Hill in Lancashire and the Culloden Moor near Inverness.

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