A Haunted Trip in the UK

Haunted Trip in the UK

Will you be visiting the UK soon with your friends? Well, it is one of top holiday destinations of the world and its scenic beauty along with the wonderful juxtaposition of the old world charm and all things modern that UK offers is simply amazing. However, if you want a vacation with a difference then visit some of the haunted places of UK. It will be extremely exciting.

One of the haunted places that you must visit during your stay in the UK is the Highgate Cemetery in London. This Victorian necropolis with its gothic architecture is eerie enough but according to rumors since the 1960s, dark figures with red hypnotic eyes have been scaring visitors. According to some beliefs, these figures are actually vampires. You should also visit Borley Rectory in Essex. Though it was demolished in 1944, it is still a favorite with supernatural enthusiasts. Other places include the Pendle Hill in Lancashire and the Culloden Moor near Inverness.

Debunking myths about Indian cuisine

Indian cuisine

Some of the myth busting cooking tips for Indian Cuisine which might be helpful and informative are-
Potato if they are soaked in salt water before frying them crispier potato fires. But one must be careful as to how much salt must be added as excessive salt may be harmful.

Baking soda and powder never get spoiled. Baking soda may stay fresh forever while at the same time baking powder may not stay fresh throughout. Once the powder is left out in air it loses its qualities to the air. One cannot however refrigerate it as it will lose its moisture.

Dry species are also is also said to last long. This is true and at the same time false. They definitely do not go bad but their potential qualities and taste fall. A general guideline is not to se them after a period of 6 months and it will not be worth using.

Top 5 Wedding Destinations for You

Wedding Destinations

Destination weddings are the latest trends of the modern society, full of adventure and thrill, these weddings strike excellent remembrance down our memory line. Various people have various tastes when it comes to choosing the desirable destinations. Some prefer beaches, some prefer royal ambience, and some enjoy the bliss of nature and many more. The destination weddings require huge planning and organizing as they are quite expensive compared to the normal weddings. The best locations that you can select for your dream wedding are-

  • Greece:

For couples who want to make their wedding one royal event surrounded by sun-kissed beaches, mysterious and dark caves, turquoise blue waters and majestic sunset, Greece is the perfect destination with world class food and soothing music.

  • Italy:

For couples who give romance an important consideration and wants to express it through their wedding then there can be no place other than Italy. The luxurious and lavish ambience, modern facilities make it a great destination for wedding.

  • Bahamas:

For couples who want to spend their wedding with few loved ones in the arm of nature, Bahamas is the destination awaiting you. The exotic cuisines, vibrant music and bright colors just uplifts the spirit of the occasion.

  • Las Vegas:

For couples who are planning an exotic and expensive wedding with limousines, modern technologies, world class decorations, then Las Vegas is the perfect selection without a second thought.

  • Mexico:

For couples who enjoy the bliss of nature, the amazing waterfalls, the deep and thick forests and dramatic mountains, Mexico is the most beautiful selection as it has some exuberant features which are remarkably eye- catching.