Debunking myths about Indian cuisine

Indian cuisine

Some of the myth busting cooking tips for Indian Cuisine which might be helpful and informative are-
Potato if they are soaked in salt water before frying them crispier potato fires. But one must be careful as to how much salt must be added as excessive salt may be harmful.

Baking soda and powder never get spoiled. Baking soda may stay fresh forever while at the same time baking powder may not stay fresh throughout. Once the powder is left out in air it loses its qualities to the air. One cannot however refrigerate it as it will lose its moisture.

Dry species are also is also said to last long. This is true and at the same time false. They definitely do not go bad but their potential qualities and taste fall. A general guideline is not to se them after a period of 6 months and it will not be worth using.

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